Summer Skin: Aloe & Starter Retinol

Megan Murphy
Summer Skin: Aloe & Starter Retinol

Summer is the ideal time to reassess your skincare routine, especially if you're looking to start with a beginner retinol. For those new to retinol, integrating this powerful ingredient into your summer skincare set can be a game-changer. To ensure your skin remains hydrated and soothed, combining a high-quality aloe vera cream with beginner retinol is the ultimate solution.

Why Aloe Vera Cream?

Aloe vera cream is renowned for its soothing, hydrating, and healing properties. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it a versatile addition to any skincare set. During summer, your skin is exposed to harsh UV rays, which can lead to sunburn, dryness, and irritation. Aloe vera cream provides:

  • Intensive Hydration: Keeps skin moisturized without feeling greasy.
  • Soothing Relief: Calms irritated and sunburned skin.
  • Healing Properties: Aids in skin repair and reduces inflammation.

Beginner Retinol: The Anti-Aging Powerhouse

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that boosts collagen production, accelerates cell turnover, and fades dark spots. For beginners, starting with a low concentration is crucial to avoid irritation. A beginner retinol in your summer skincare set offers:

  • Anti-Aging Benefits: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Even Skin Tone: Diminishes hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
  • Smooth Texture: Promotes a more refined skin texture.

The Ideal Skincare Set for Summer

Combining aloe vera cream and beginner retinol creates a balanced skincare set perfect for summer. Here's how to incorporate these products into your routine:

  1. Cleanse: Use a gentle cleanser to remove impurities.
  2. Apply Beginner Retinol: Start with a pea-sized amount, applying it every other night to build tolerance.
  3. Hydrate with Aloe Vera Cream: Follow up with a generous amount of aloe vera cream to lock in moisture and soothe the skin.

Benefits of This Skincare Set

  • Balanced Hydration and Anti-Aging: Aloe vera cream provides moisture and calming effects, while beginner retinol targets signs of aging.
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin: Aloe vera cream helps mitigate potential irritation from retinol, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • Perfect for Summer: This skincare set ensures your skin remains hydrated, protected, and rejuvenated throughout the hot months.

LOUMI Skincare’s Aloe Vera Cream and Retinol Starter Set

LOUMI Skincare offers a perfect duo for summer: their "Say Aloe! All Day Cream" and a beginner retinol product. This skincare set is designed to provide maximum benefits with minimal irritation. The aloe vera cream from LOUMI Skincare is known for its high-quality, organic ingredients that ensure deep hydration and soothing effects.


For anyone looking to upgrade their summer skincare routine, a combination of aloe vera cream and beginner retinol is the way to go. This skincare set offers hydration, anti-aging benefits, and protection against summer skin woes. Trust LOUMI Skincare’s aloe vera cream and beginner retinol to keep your skin glowing, healthy, and youthful all summer long. 

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