Using Loumi CBD Skincare Products to step up Your Skin Wellness

Using Loumi CBD Skincare Products to step up Your Skin Wellness

It's not odd to see a new buzzword show up in the beauty and wellness industry at least a couple times in each decade. And it's not surprising either when they spin off into obscurity with just the same intensity they rolled in with.

Well, CBD oil is proven to be different. So, you shouldn't mind that we see it as more than a buzzword. It's undoubtedly the anointed ingredient for skincare enthusiasts and professionals globally. Thanks to research across different forms of media and mind-blowing branding, there is enough proof that you can't possibly go wrong with CBD in your skincare routine.

We at Loumi aren't letting this potential beauty charm slip off either. Since CBD passed the ultimate test of legality in 2018, it's been a top choice ingredient in all our skincare products.

Yet, for the average woman desiring impeccable skincare, the lines are blurry when it's time to choose a skin wellness regime. This puzzle is all the more obvious if you're new to CBD and don’t know how it can bring your beauty A-game to light.

So, whether you need a glowing chic skin for a beauty contest or a simple boss lady regimen to boost your professional outlook, we've got you covered. We're sure our timeless and proven information can help you make the right choice of Loumi CBD skincare products to boost your skin wellness goals.


Timeless CBD Truths

In case you missed it, CBD is the short form of cannabidiol. If your mind flashed across a cannabis plant, you aren't out of tune. CBD is closely related to cannabis but without the scary mind-altering factor called THC.

Although CBD comes from the marijuana plant, it's just one chemical in a family of a hundred other cannabinoids. You can enjoy some calm on that one, at least.

There's also staggering evidence to show that CBD poses numerous health benefits. Amazingly, it’s not only the beauty care industry that’s in luck with CBD. The ingredient is found to help relieve stress, pain, anxiety, and treat neuro-related diseases.

What's more? CBD is quite safe. You don't put yourself at any major risk when you incorporate CBD into your different skincare or even health regimes. Besides, our hemp-based CBD has little to no THC, making our production at Loumi Skincare very legal.

At Loumi, we draw inspiration from these facts about CBD. That's why our products revolve around useful and effective doses of CBD oil – all because we have your skin wellness in mind.

As expected, CBD oil usage as a drug in the core medical world will be immensely different from how beauticians approach the ingredient. Obviously, it's a healing medicine to them, but it's a beauty supplement to us.

That's why you must understand how CBD works on your skin and how best to apply Loumi products to reach your skin wellness peak.


What's in it for You?

You'll be letting go of pretty dollar notes (nothing over the top, though) to scoop a Loumi CBD skincare product. It's just natural if you want to look deeply into all you stand to gain.

From us to you, the message is you can be rest assured. There's a full basket of benefits in CBD to last you 2 lifetimes if you ever get a shot at that.

Here are the common ways Loumi CBD products work to provide a boost in your skin wellness activity. 

Age Younger, Look Prettier

Loumi CBD products ride on their anti-ageing properties, and it's a secret we can't hide even if we tried. Thanks to collagen components, Loumi CBD products eliminates potential wrinkling and skin sagging. But that's not all. 

As you age, your oil glands get dried, sort of. However, our CBD oil gives life to these organs to keep your skin oily, moisturized and firm till the wheels fall off.

Inflammation Resistance

Acnes can be embarrassing, but the truth is, they don't have to cause you so much distress. Loumi CBD products are perfect antioxidants that fight inflammatory conditions. So, from acne to eczema, redness, and even itching, there's a Loumi CBD skincare regimen to comfortably beat the inflammation off your skin.

Minimize the Flow

Oil is good, excess sebum is unpleasant, to say the least. Your skin can move from the perfect oily face to a den of breakouts if your body starts to overproduce sebum. Loumi CBD oils work to regulate your hormonal discharge of oil. So, it goes down to just the amount of body oil you need and when you need them.

Soothe Rosacea Triggers

Rosacea tends to show no respect to face types. Actually, no one is immune and worse still, if yours is caused by an unavoidable trigger like sunlight, you may be in for a tough struggle. Well, only if you ignore the countless Loumi CBD oils available all for you.

Our CBD products aren't just another antioxidant against your body's free radicals. They contain adequate ingredients to soothe your rosacea trigger and gives your body the freedom it truly deserves. That's one source of fear out through the window when you choose a Loumi CBD skincare product.

 Loumi CBD from Head to Toe

Loumi's CBD collection best defines range. There's an array of products fitting for different uses. And the good thing is, we share all of your skin wellness dreams. That makes our products a golden choice for you.

Loumi Rose Glow Illuminating Face Oil

The Loumi Rose Glow Illuminating Face Oil is one of a kind. Regardless of your intent, the face oil is sure to brighten your face from dawn to dusk while protecting you from skin damage. The face oil is also a seamless solution to face patches and uneven skin tone. 

With the complete combination of jojoba, buckthorn, and of course, CBD, you can attain the picture-perfect face you require. Thankfully, with its fresh Jasmine scent, you won't need camera filters or perfumes to look and smell good. 

Loumi Say Aloe All Day Cream

If you aim for a product that offers a milder touch with just as much effect on your full body, then look no further than Loumi's Say Aloe All Day Cream. It blends aloe vera, hemp-based CBD, and hyaluronic acid's moisturising properties in a faultless mix. All that leaves you with a refreshed and hydrated skin.

Loumi You Up? Eye Cream

You plan to keep awake late at nights? That's quite understandable. But if it seems like hiding that information from the rest of the world is a big deal, we sure have a CBD solution you can try out. 

The Loumi You Up? Eye Cream is the sweeping knockout tool for eye bags and dark circles that plague your eye. Fortified with CBD, rosehip, soy, and rice bran formulas, the eye cream crushes eye puffiness. Also, it brightens your under-eye skin and boosts your collagen levels for a fresh wink all day long.

Loumi Revive Retinol Drop 

Loumi's Revive Retinol Drops also deserves some space in your skin wellness routine. If you're low on skin pride, Revive Retinol offers some life and youthful vibe into your skin cells. With an intense formulation that combines the right amount of CBD, hyaluronic acid, and seed oil extracts, the product helps even out your skin entirely.

You also get to enjoy the potency of Vitamin A and K as it gentle works underneath your skin to boost cell turnover.

More is Better

Your skincare goals shouldn't affect your plans for baecation, summer school or even an iPhone. Thankfully, Loumi helps with that. The prices of Loumi skincare products won't throw you off.

As a perk, you can enjoy more for less with the Loumi Skincare Bundle Trio. That's three of your favorite Loumi CBD products for a mouthwatering price discount. And you already know, price off isn't quality off with Loumi. It's the exact same branding and the exact same amazing formula when you get the bundle.

 In all, so long as there's a Loumi CBD product in your wellness routine, you might have to strike out skin flakes and irritation from your vocab. Because we're sure, you won't be using those terms unless you're describing someone else. 

Thankfully, applying Loumi CBD Skincare products isn't rocket science or anything close. All you've got to do is clean, tone, moisturize your skin and apply 2-3 drops of any Loumi CBD product to your face. Yeah, getting fresh and bright skin is that easy. 

Safety Tips for Always

Just before you kickstart your skin wellness journey with a Loumi CBD product, it will help to know a thing or two about safety with CBD. It's not uncommon for you to mix your CBD oil with other products. However, using CBD oil alongside antidepressants, drowsy medications, and heart medications may lead to side effects. 

CBD oil doesn't do well with alcohol either. So, if you're looking to make the most of your skincare routine, and definitely your moolah, avoid taking products that can increase your adverse reactions.  



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