CBD for Skincare: 3 Ways It Can Change Your Life

Like bespoke and vegan beauty, CBD oil skincare has been having a bit of a moment in the beauty, skincare, and wellness communities. Gaining popularity with publications like Vogue, Forbes, and NY Mag’s Strategist, media surrounding CBD oil skincare has been dominated by pun-filled editorials (think “the recent buzz” of CBD oil in the press) and the luxe millennial-chic skincare branding that we all know and love. Still, it’s hard for a working woman to decide which ingredients and products are truly worth the buzz (and the coin). 

Thankfully, CBD oil’s skincare benefits are supported way beyond the glossy editorial pages of your favorite beauty or fashion magazine. With numerous peer-reviewed studies and anecdotal results touting the benefits of a CBD oil skincare regimen, the results are clear no matter how you plan to incorporate CBD into your routine. Whether you’re a Marketing Manager who wants to look fresh for your next pitch or a longtime skincare fan with a finger on the industry’s pulse, we think you’ll be interested in the three ways that incorporating CBD oil into your skincare regimen will not only leave your skin looking absolutely dreamy - but possibly change your life. 


With a plethora of acids, peels, and other harsh treatments on the shelves, it can be hard to find a skincare product that will brighten and soften your skin without leaving it feeling overly sensitive. Thankfully, CBD oil combines the blemish reducing benefits traditionally associated with more powerful skincare products with a nourishing mixture of vitamins that have been shown to reduce redness and nurture sensitive skin. 

Rich in Vitamin K and A, CBD oil has often been cited as a “mini retinoid” - meaning that CBD skincare products boast powerful anti-aging properties while having a more gentle, gradual impact on your skin. The antioxidants found in CBD oil have also been linked to a reduction in the symptoms of eczema and rosacea, showing that CBD skincare is truly a gentle alternative suitable for many skincare needs.

For an especially gentle CBD skincare product, try Loumi’s Say Aloe All Day Cream. Combining 20 mg of hemp-derived CBD with aloe vera and instantly hydrating hyaluronic acid, this product will leave your skin feeling calm, cool, and collected. 


CBD oil has been shown to work wonders for everyday aches and pains when applied as a balm or topical treatment. Loumi’s products are formulated to ensure positive results for a multitude of skin types, and we feel that our soothing combination of CBD oil with nourishing botanicals will leave your skin dewy and refreshed, while filling you with a sense of calm wellbeing.

Try our Rose Glow Illuminating Face oil to leave your skin Instagram ready (thanks to brightening sea buckthorn, calming jojoba, and moisturizing CBD) and smelling of fresh Jasmine. 


As much as we love a good #shelfie, we also know that all of those skincare products can be expensive! And with savings goals like your next vacation, it can be difficult to locate a skincare product that will leave your skin interview-ready without breaking the bank. Thankfully, high-quality CBD oil can be sustainably and ethically sourced at a considerably low cost when compared to other highly sought skincare ingredients, meaning that your CBD oil skincare regimen will leave you with glowing, nourished skin and maybe a little extra cash to put towards that girl's trip. Sure beats couponing. 

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